Sunday, June 9, 2013

30 Day Snap #9 | Chip of the Week

Hi guys!

So, today I have a little beauty related snap for you:

It is about this little chip of the nail polish on my forefinger. What excited me about it?
Well, I'm using a new base coat and in combination with my top coat, the wear of nail polish is absoluteley a-ma-zing. The colour endured over a week of lab working and doing other nail-unfriendly stuff.
I really can forgive chipping this morning, now I finally can get a new colour, hurray!

If you're interested in a review with a little more detail, tell me and I'll gladly do one. I'll probably do one anyway, though.

What did your day bring?



  1. Yes I would love a review with more detail on the base and top coat you use as I really need something to make my nails last longer! and that's a really pretty colour too :)
    sinead x

  2. You definitely need to share your secret with us! This is a gorgeous shade of polish too.

    I'm doing the 30 day snap too so I'd love if you get a chance to check out my blog...xx