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Hello, everybody interested enough in me to click this site!

My name is Anni, I'm currently 22 (wow, I actually had to think about this) years old and the author of this blog. Who would have thought.

When I'm not browsing the internet marvelling at all the brilliant new beauty products out there or testing them myself to spill my thoughts here for you to read, I'm studying biology in the last year, hoping to get good enough grades for being able to take my postgraduate degree abroad in my beloved city of London.

That said, I don't come from London or England or any other English speaking country at all. I'm in fact German, a true and proud Bavarian girl and just happen to have a major passion for the English language. I've actually grown up with it, that may be why.

As I have no opportunity to practise this wonderful language in my everyday life, I decided to start a blog. Originally, I wanted to write about my other passion, which is books and literature, I changed my mind when I noticed everyone of my friends was mocking me and my love for beauty - in an affectionate way, of course.
Even my chummy! (If you happen to read this: Bad chummy!)

So yeah, that's basically it!
If you have any suggestions, questions etc., always feel free to contact me via one of the links below, I just love to get in contact with you all!

Where to find me:

Email: ookaze@gmx.de

Feel free to browse those links and stalk me ;)


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