Saturday, June 8, 2013

30 Day Snap #8 | Sun Protection Obsession

Hey guys!

It's already the 8th of June, the first week of this month is over. When did that happen?

As I already said on instagram (come find me @lifeofkaze ), you can never have to many things to protect your skin from the sun.
Since I learned in horrible detail what UV rays do to your skin, hair and especially DNA, I'm so scared of sunburns etc.

What happened to you today? Leave your links down below!



  1. lovely photo! i'm the same, i'm so paranoid about getting sunburnt - especially on my lips x

  2. A very relevant blogpost with this weather :)
    Some people still don't realise how important sunblock is!
    Hope you're enjoying the weather though :)
    Xxx Sinead