Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 Day Snap #25 | Free Meal - Almost

Hey everyone!

I actually had something different in mind today but then something else came across my way.

I'm not posting a picture of these chips because they were so yummy (they were) but because the story how I got them made me laugh quite a lot.

A friend of mine took me to the station and I had just missed my train. As I was hungry I decided to treat myself (that sounds quite like yesterday, doesn't it?) to an early dinner consisting of a tiny box of fries. So I went there and a boy was waiting in front of me.
Do you know those little boys with way too much money who think they are the centre of the universe? That kind of boy.
And the asked the guy working behind the counter if he could change his 50 € note. That guy wanted to make fun of him and told him that would cost 2 € and grinned at me because I was already silently laughing.
But before he could do anything else, the boy accepted it and off he was! That was the time when I was fully laughing.
Because I didn't give him away, the counter-guy gave me the XXL version of the tiny box I ordered to a minimum price. Yummy!

What did you do today? Would you have given him away?


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  1. Lucky!! Hahaha knowing me and my love of fries, and hatred of "rich snobby people," I would be so excited!

    Those fries look like they'd be good with some chili on top!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries