Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Day Snap #30 | The End and the Beginning

Hey guys!

Today is the last day of the 30 Day Snap Challenge and I thought this picture only fitting:

My Mum started to move out today to be with my Dad who is working abroad and she took the first load of stuff with her, part of which was my Dad's giant plush frog.
I'm really sad they're gone now, although my mother's going to return in two weeks but still it's strange to know they have a house somewhere else now. But it's a new beginning for them and I'm excited to go visit them once all is done.

Now, that's it for June!
I really enjoyed this challenge although I found it hard sometimes to come up with something new everyday. It also was the perfect way of introducing me to blogging on a regular basis but the best thing about it was getting to know you all and making friends.
Thanks for all the support and being such a nice bunch of people!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Day Snap #29 | Go Tommy, go Tommy!

Hey guys!

Really, today was the most lazy day ever!
I've slept in late, stayed in my PJs for hours on end and if you follow me on Twitter you know what else I've been doing.
Yes, I've been watching Wimbledon the whole day. I am, in fact, still watching.

This was one of the afternoon matches, Tommy Haas (yeeeeah!) vs Feliciano Lopez (boooh!). Of course I was supporting Haas as he and Sabine Lisicki, who also won her match, are the only German players left in the tournament.
Their next matches are going to be a blast!

I only came across it accidentally while flipping though the programmes and was instantly stuck. As you know I'm playing tennis myself and it really motivates me to see the pros do their work. Let's hope the weather gets better so I can play again on Monday!

Did you watch? Whom do you support? Tell me below!


Friday, June 28, 2013

The Swamplands of MAC, Take 2

Hey guys!

Do your remember when I told you about the swamp-like effects MAC had on me? I promised you back then that the foundation and the blush I bought were only the beginning of a long and very expensive story.

Well, look what the last month brought:

Brush Cleanser
2x 15-Palette

These were the first items to move in with me, as you can see I started moderate with tools rather than makeup.

I wanted to have a palette for my eyeshadows for a long time because buying the refills is much cheaper than buying the ones in the pot. And to make a statement I decided to go for the double one and two bits with space for fifteen eyeshadows. I mean they're not going to waste away, are they?

I also purchased a brush cleanser. That was actually a repurchase as I had emptied my other one only shortly before and found it to be pretty good. That was not so surprising, it's pretty much a standard item, isn't it?
It's great to roughly cleanse your brushes if you have no clean ones because you might be really lazy with cleaning them or just don't have the time to thoroughly do it. The only negative side it has is definitely the packaging. I said so in my May Empties, but the cap is really prone to spilling a lot of product which is quite a nuisance because it does cost its 14 € and for that price I want to use all of it. I'm still looking for a sprayer that fits the neck of the bottle but I haven't found one so far.
There is the possibility of buying one at the MAC store but that only fits on the MAC travel bottles and I don't see me buying those because the packaging of their other product is rubbish.

I then went on to the makeup section:
Satin Taupe


Left to right: Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe, Club

Naked Lunch

To begin with I wanted to have some neutral shades because I love my neutral eyeshadows.

The first one is Club, a shade I instantly fell in love with. It's colour is hard to describe, it is a very pretty shimmering green that changes to a reddish brown in a proper lighting. My best friend with her charming way called it a blowfly shade. I think this colour would look gorgeous as part of smokey eyes on a night out, hence the name, haha.

Another shade I wanted to have ever since I first laid eyes on it was Satin Taupe. The clue is in the name, it is a beautiful shade of taupe with a shimmer, perfect for everyday looks. I think it would look good in the crease with a red lipstick.

Because I already had two dark shades, I opted for a light colour as my third one. I love to just put a light shimmer on my lid with a only slightly darker colour in my crease for easy looks when I don't want to look too made up.
After taking counsel from the lovely makeup artist (if you're reading this, thank you so much for that super nice chat we had!) I chose Naked Lunch, a subtle golden shimmer with warm undertones.

I wish I could tell you that was all, but I wouldn't be me if I'd gone home without some lipsticks.

Russian Red

Left: Russian Red, Right: Ravishing

xKarenina who is a German youtuber posted a picture of her wearing MAC's Love Goddess that was part of the Marilyn limited edition and is a gorgeous matt dark red with a slight pink touch. As it was part of a LE, it's not available anymore and I started looking for a similar colour. 
I ended up buying Russian Red which is an absolute classic and also a favourite of xKarenina, I've seen her wear it countless times.
It is a very deep dark red red and also matt but it lacks the pink undertones but that isn't a tragedy to me. A massive plus is that although it is matt it is not as drying as I've experienced other lipsticks with that finish to be. It surely is not as moisturising as a lip balm but still it's wear comfort is not too bad.

The other lipstick is a peachy colour that's neither too orange nor too coral because lipsticks of that colour range tend to change their colour on me a lot. I had actually decided to buy Ravishing a long time before I did but I forgot the name and wasn't able to find it again. It was pure luck I came across it again and I couldn't just leave it, could I? 

See, I told you starting with MAC wasn't the best idea I had, I'm sinking deeper and deeper into the swampy depths of it. But still, I love every single product I bought and can't wait to try them out.

Tell me if you want to hear more about one of these beauties! What are your favourite MAC products?


30 Day Snap #28 | Order Up!

Hey guys!

In a surge of motivation I decided to clean up my room thoroughly and it was about time because especially my desk looked horrid.
I did not only clean up but also worked away some stuff that I had wanted to do for a long long time, part of it was this:

Do you see all those stickers at the sides of the magazines? They mark pages that show products I absolutely want to try and tell you of. I've actually been on the hunt for them "in real life" but they don't seem to be available in any stores I went to so I'll have to stick to ordering them online.

Please leave me your links below and tell me what you were up to today!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daily Snap #27 | Being a Rebel

Hello friends!

I'm still not writing on my new computer but we're getting there.

Today I felt rebellious:

Okay, now, to be honest, I wanted to wear red lipstick again so badly and couldn't be bothered to remove my pink nail polish.
As none of my friends is into beauty stuff that much I thought, why not, can't be worse than my red pants yesterday anyways.

Sorry for the grainy shot but focusing when the camera is so close to the face is a little bit hard for me, I tried my best, believe me. Forgive me?

What do you say? Would your wear those colours together if you felt like it or is this a no-go? Leave your links down below and tell me what you did today!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 Day Snap #26 | Finally!

Hi guys!

I can't believe I'm managing to put this online today, let's keep our fingers crossed it really works out because my internet is ever so slow.

(NO! It's 00:04! I'm late! Stupid internet, won't let me upload my picture.)

This is the reason of my joy and frustration.
I think the joy part is pretty obvious but it's also the reason why my internet conncetion is so slow because it has to download loads and loads of updates and other stuff.

But it also means I can finally write other blogposts again than Daily Snaps because spending more time than necessary on my Mum's computer is not my favourite thing to do. I don't want to block her when she's kindly letting me do my stuff here.

What was your day? Do you have the urge to scream at your internet sometimes?


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 Day Snap #25 | Free Meal - Almost

Hey everyone!

I actually had something different in mind today but then something else came across my way.

I'm not posting a picture of these chips because they were so yummy (they were) but because the story how I got them made me laugh quite a lot.

A friend of mine took me to the station and I had just missed my train. As I was hungry I decided to treat myself (that sounds quite like yesterday, doesn't it?) to an early dinner consisting of a tiny box of fries. So I went there and a boy was waiting in front of me.
Do you know those little boys with way too much money who think they are the centre of the universe? That kind of boy.
And the asked the guy working behind the counter if he could change his 50 € note. That guy wanted to make fun of him and told him that would cost 2 € and grinned at me because I was already silently laughing.
But before he could do anything else, the boy accepted it and off he was! That was the time when I was fully laughing.
Because I didn't give him away, the counter-guy gave me the XXL version of the tiny box I ordered to a minimum price. Yummy!

What did you do today? Would you have given him away?


Monday, June 24, 2013

FOTD: Simple Everyday Look

Hello my friends!

Because I haven't done other posts than my 30 Day Snaps in quite a while, I thought I'd just slip in a picture of my makeup today.
It's nothing special because in the mornings I usually don't have time and leisure to do a very artistic look but I like it and sometimes, the simple things are just what you need.

Sorry for my bad skin, it didn't take the constant changes of the weather so well, I'm working on it!



These are the products I used:

MAC Matchmaster Foundation A33 1.5
Maybelline EverFresh Concealer Light Beige
Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer
Annayake  Translucent Powder

MAC Harmony Powder Blush
Benefit Hoola
Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush 01 Tease
YSL Touche Éclat 2

alverde Transparentes Augenbrauen- und Wimperngel (German product, keeps your eyebrows in shape)
Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base
Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow 070 Mauvie Star
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Black
Manhattan X-Act Eyeliner Paint It Black Waterproof
Maybelline Falsche Wimpern (= false lashes) Feder-Look (= feather look) Volum' Express Waterproof, Black

Nivea Beauté Colour Passion Satinette 14 (out of production)

Wow, looking at this I use quite a lot of makeup on a daily basis. Is that worrying?
Tell me if it is and if you like those kind of posts or if you want more information on a special product.

And sorry for the bad picture/light quality, it was a spontaneous decision to take that picture in my car and my iPhone camera is only so good.


30 Day Snap #24 | Coffee Break

Hi guys!

On my way home, I missed my train by mere minutes because my underground was stuck halfway to the station due to an emergency somewhere along the line.
So I had about half an hour to spend until the next train home left and I decided to treat me to a chocolate muffin and Mocca Cookie Crumble Frap at Starbucks. Man, I love these.

Arriving there during rush hour, the shop was crammed. It was fairly cold outside so I was dressed in a rather thick sweater and a jacket and whilst waiting for my stuff I really regretted my choice of clothing. It was so freaking hot in there!

What did you do today? Tell be below, I'm always curious.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

30 Day Snap #23 | Where has the Time gone?

Hello my friends!

I don't know how to break this to you but you'll get no fun picture of my life today.
I was casually relaxing on the sofa playing games on my iPad and working for university from time to time when I suddenly realised it was already 21:00! However did that happen?!

So I actually did nothing today worth taking a picture of and if I had done, I'd have forgotten taking one. I just thought, why not post a picture of my lovely friend King Whoopie instead?

That's him, my funny little fluff ball. My father brought him back from the Netherlands where he's working right now. My dad, that is, not His Royal Majesty. Apparently they were giving him and his like away on the day the new Dutch king was crowned.
I instantly loved him and thought King Whoopie was the perfect name for him. If you're wondering why the area under his eyes looks weird, that is because he was dressing up for a KISS-look-a-like contest.

How was your day? Tell me below!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 Day Snap #22 | Chocolate Monster

Hi guys!

Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I may have lost my discipline a few months ago. Since the last semester started I could barely bring myself to exercise or eat healthily and I've reached a point at which I'm annoyed with my behaviour and my body.
I started working out again but somehow I can't manage to cut down my consume of everything sweet counting crisps and peanuts as well.

This pictures clearly tells all about my misery there is to know. But they are just SO good.

As long as I work out on a regular basis I guess chocolate and stuff is okay but until we're there... I'll try to eat less, I promise, haha.

What did you do today? Can you resist those naughty little buggers?


Friday, June 21, 2013

30 Day Snap #21 | What's written in Wood

Hello friends and fellows!

Can you believe it? Today is the official start of summer. And to celebrate it, the weather cooled down and the rain's back again though moderate.

I'm a fan of crosswords and if I have the time doing them in our newspaper in the morning I'll happily do so.

I tell you my eyes went wide when I saw this. Although the crossword of today was in the beginning of the journal, the ink of my pen pushed through it all down onto our table!
Argh, my mum was not amused. It can be washed away, but still...

How was your day?


Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 Day Snap #20 | WW - Wellies on the Wall

Hey guys!

Oh my! It's already the 20th of June and I'm pretty positive some days just got stolen by someone. It can't just already be almost over, this whole month and project and stuff.

Today I went hunting for roses with my mum who goes a bit mental on this topic and I discovered those little beauties:

They were just hanging there looking pretty and I'd have loved to have them because I seem a little bit obsessed with wellies these days... But I have my blue ones and two pairs of rubber boots are somehow decadent.

Except when you actually need them, then it's not.

What did your day bring?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30 Day Snap #19 | Hello, wanna be Friends?

Hi guys!

Look what I spotted growing sheepishly around the corner of my neighbours' hedge:

This poppy looks so cute, like it was saying "Hello, I'm poppy. If you don't mind, do you want to be my friend?"
Or something like it at least.

Cheer up folks, great news! I just ordered my new laptop so I will be able to post longer stuff and more of it and earlier in the day as soon as it arrives. Let's have a party, shall we?


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 Day Snap #18 | I love me some BBQ

Hey guys!

I've literally done nothing today but studying and sneezing, hayfever hurray!

I guess my picture speaks for itself, doesn't it? Best way to bring a summer day to its end. Except killing polls, that is even better, everyone who suffers from them will understand.

What did you do today? Any recommendations concerning hayfever besides histamines and staying inside?


Monday, June 17, 2013

30 Day Snap #17 | Wimbledon Wanna-Be

Hello everybody!

I know I've been whining about the bad weather forever. I'm also really glad the rain is gone. But 37°C is ridiculous.
And because it is ridiculous my mind came up with the downright brilliant idea to go to the tennis court in the burning sun. Thanks, brain!

Although I was really tempted to stay at home and lie on the cold stone floor, I grit my teeth and actually went there and it was fun. Tennis is always fun but I kind of lack motivation these days. Especially when it's so hot and humid outside.
They say tomorrow's gonna be even warmer!

Oh, if I'm not doing other posts than these or I'm not replying to all your lovely comments or anything this is because my computer is still broken, I can't borrow my mum's and I haven't ordered my new laptop yet. But I'll do and be able to communicate with you a lot better than right now.

What did you do today? As always, tell me, I'm excited for it!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

30 Day Snap #16 | Bavarian Lifestyle

Hi guys!

Do you "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars? That's exactly what I did today.
I thought really hard on what picture to post but as we spontaneously decided to visit the pub for dinner, I thought why not take a picture of this:

The water's mine, the beer's my brother's and my mum's in the middle. I went with the flow and ordered beer as well but only afterwards. Even if I'm Bavarian I don't like beer whilst eating.
Those are the moments I love about living in a small village. You arrive and see a bunch of people sitting in the garden and just join them. Nobody cares or rather everyone is glad if someone else is taking part in conversations and laughing.

How was your day? Tell me, I'd love to know!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

30 Day Snap #15 | Into the Blue

Hey everybody!

What an amazing day! Like, really!
Today some friends of mine helped another friend of mine move out from her mother's house and into her first own place. It was much more fun than I'd expected.

You can see two of my best friends here preparing the wall and ourselves to get blue. Well the wall at least we were not meant to get coloured. I did though.
Aren't we masterful shelf fix up-people?

How were your days? Tell me, I so want to know!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Liebster Award, Take 2 & 3

Hi guys!

Okay, you might be wondering, why on earth another Liebster-post as I've done one already. 
But the lovely Rachel has tagged me again so I'll do half of the tag, once because I really enjoy answering questions and second because it would be kind of rude to just not do this, right? Right?

But I'll just answer the questions, I couldn't find 11 bloggers last time so coming up with new questions would be just... well it wouldn't make much sense.

Here we go!

1. What are you reading just now?
"Somnia" by Christoph Marzi (German author/book, I don't think it's available in other languages) and "Finnisch: Wort für Wort", a small travel companion to improve my Finnish

2. What is your favourite restaurant? 
The lovely little pub in my village called "Da Vinci". It's not the best one I've ever been to but it's important to support the community.

3.What song have you got stuck in your head right now? 
"Try" by Pink

4. What is your favourite accessory? 
I'm forever in love with my handbags!

5. What are you looking forward to this week? 
My mum returning from holiday.

6. What is your favourite TV show? 
Tough one. Grey's Anatomy for the drama, Doctor Who for the fun and excitement (and Matt Smith, haha) and Sherlock because I've always been a massive Sherlock Holmes fan.

7. If you could be any animal for a day what would it be? 
A cat. Nothing better, you can eat and sleep and be comfortable and have absolutely nothing to do for it.

8. What was the last performance/ concert you went you? 
A Tarot concert. They are a Finnish heavy metal band. 

9. Do you like salty or sweet popcorn? 
Sweet, ftw! But I won't die if you give me salty popcorn...

10. What was the last movie you went to see at the cinema?
The Hobbit. For me, a dream come true.

11. Who inspires you? 
Tuomas Holopainen. He's the songwriter/keyboarder of my favourite band and he composes the most meaningful and beautiful music I've heard in my entire life. 

EDIT: Wow, Chlo O'Donnel tagged me as well. I'm overwhelmed by you guys, thank you so much! 
I'll just put her questions in this post as well, have fun!

1. What is your middle name?
I don't have one sorry. But it's alright, everyone keeps writing my name wrong anyway. 

2. What is your favourite childhood memory?

When I was four or five, no idea, we used to go to Italy for holiday and rent a bungalow there. And my father made a tomato sauce for spaghetti once telling my brother and me it was made of shark. We so believed him.

3. Who is favourite blogger at the moment?
Louise and Rachael Victoria - if you read this, I'm always so looking forward to your posts!

4. Are you having a nice day? Tell me all about it.
The best one! The weather is brilliant, I helped a friend move which was a lot more fun than I expected (hope the electricity's working now?) and I am singing aloud constantly.

5. What is your beauty regime?
I can't really answer that because I have to juggle around with my products at the moment. My skin didn't take the change of weather so well. 

6. This isn't really a question, but tell me a bit about yourself! What do you most like about yourself?
Hm, actually nothing in particular, like I just kinda like myself, haha. Random fact: I'm obsessed with the UK and Finland.

7. How different did you look like three years ago? (Insert a picture if you're brave enough!)

I'm brave! Yeah, Baby!
Quite the difference, especially considering hair and makeup. I feel I have to add the picture was taken after hiking.

8. If you had children, one boy and one girl, what would you name them?
Alissa and Sebastian (if I had a German surname) or Jayden (if the surname was English, I hate mixing)

9.  What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?
We had a professor no one particularly liked and me and my friends were bitching about her on the bus. When we got off we realised she had sat behind us all the time. I felt so sorry and ashamed afterwards!

10. Favourite film at the moment?
I watched the Mamma Mia movie with my girlfriends the other day and I'm singing the soundtrack all the time so it's probably that one. Though it's not actually my favourite.

11. What is your favourite quote?
There are loads I love, but I'd take "Every dream is just a journey away" by Tuomas Holopainen.


That is that guys! I hope you enjoyed it even if it was the second post of that kind. Personally I love reading more or less random facts about other persons, so if I were a reader of myself I guess I would have enjoyed it anyways, haha.


30 Day Snap #14 | Broken Strings

Hi guys!

I actually had the most brilliant blogpost (slight exaggeration possible) in mind for you but then this happened:

I think this speaks for itself.
This was one of my most favourite statement necklaces and I'm super super sad it's gone. I'd try to fix it but it broke while I was heading upstairs and the pearls scattered over all storeys, I'll never be able to find all of them.

Please, give me a virtual hug and tell me what happened to you today!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Day Snap #13 | Into Full Flight

Hey friends!

As you know, I'm a student and the subject I'm studying is biology.
My faculty is not actually in Munich itself but on the outskirts of a little town directly next to it. This is why it's so green everywhere and there are plants and animals aplenty.

This particular picture was taken when my friends and I wandered around to study the flight behaviour of our domestic birds. Usually being a biology student means hours and hours spent in dark laboratories and libraries but guys, these are the rare moments that make me love it so much.

How was your day? Leave a comment and/or link below!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Empties

Hello friends and fellows!

As I told you on my Day Snap #6 , I filmed a little video about all the rubbish that accumulated over time.
Because just simply throwing the stuff away is soooo yesterday, isn't it?

I fancied you might want to see the results (and be able to hear my voice, fancy!) and here they are:

Have mercy on me for some grammar mistakes I made. I'm really trying my best to not make any native speaker flinch.

Do you like videos on blogs? Or would you prefer youtuby things staying on youtube?
I'd appreciate your opinion!


30 Day Snap #12 | Time Stands Still

Hello my friends!

How stupid is it that I have to look up the date every single day to do this blogpost? Really, I'm aiming to be a scientist someday, you should think me capable of keeping track of a series of numbers for more than 2 hours, right?

Speaking of hours:

The station where I usually get on my train home is being renovated since I don't know when. I highly doubt it will ever be finished.
The 'newest' addition (they came up with this last winter I think) were clocks on every platform, so there is a total of clocks of about five or so.
And not one of them is working.
I mean, really? What's the point of buying and installing clocks when they're still not working over half a year later? Can somebody please explain this to me?

The joys of travelling by train, haha.

How was your day?


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Snap #11 | Urban Gems

Hi guys!

Sorry it got so late again, but I have major problems with my computer at the moment, the monitor's not working properly.
Luckily my mum's on holiday so I could borrow hers. Until now I tried to fix my own but I'm sick and tired of it, so hopefully everything will be a bit faster from now.

Today I have a nice little picture for you I took in town while running errands:

This a little patch of flowers with a bank that runs behind the old cinema of my home town. On the other side of the path I walked on there's a little brook, the one I posted on Instagram for those of you who follow me there (do feel free to follow me:  @lifeofkaze ) and it's such a nice place.
I don't live in Munich but a small town some 60 km away and places like the above you just don't find in the 'big' cities, I guess. The whole town's like this, perhaps I'll take a few more pictures when the weather's better and the river not running so high anymore.

What have you done today? Leave me your links or tell me!


Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day Snap #10 | King Wellie

Hellooooo everyone!

Another week has begun and I have to admit: This was not one of the best monday I've had so far.
Do you know those days when everything you touch seems to go horrible wrong? Like, when you only have one choice, it's still the wrong one.
That was one of these days.

And to perfect this wonderful day, summer took another break and autumn's here again! As much as I love my wellies, I had actually hoped to bury these until at least Octobre. Didn't quite work out it seems.

If I didn't have this blog and take part in the 30 Day Challenge, my day would be beyond miserable but it always cheers me up to flip through all of your lovely pictures and hear your stories and comment on them. That's the part of the day I'm usually looking forward to the most so please leave me your links.

Love you all!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

30 Day Snap #9 | Chip of the Week

Hi guys!

So, today I have a little beauty related snap for you:

It is about this little chip of the nail polish on my forefinger. What excited me about it?
Well, I'm using a new base coat and in combination with my top coat, the wear of nail polish is absoluteley a-ma-zing. The colour endured over a week of lab working and doing other nail-unfriendly stuff.
I really can forgive chipping this morning, now I finally can get a new colour, hurray!

If you're interested in a review with a little more detail, tell me and I'll gladly do one. I'll probably do one anyway, though.

What did your day bring?


Saturday, June 8, 2013

30 Day Snap #8 | Sun Protection Obsession

Hey guys!

It's already the 8th of June, the first week of this month is over. When did that happen?

As I already said on instagram (come find me @lifeofkaze ), you can never have to many things to protect your skin from the sun.
Since I learned in horrible detail what UV rays do to your skin, hair and especially DNA, I'm so scared of sunburns etc.

What happened to you today? Leave your links down below!


Friday, June 7, 2013

The Liebster Award

Hi everyone!

I have already seen it while browsing through various blogs and now it has arrived here: The Liebster Award!
So, what is this thing? The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers that have less than 200 followers. To receive it, there are certain things you must do:

1. Tell 11 things about yourself.

2. Answer the questions the tagger made up and create 11 questions of your own.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post. You also should tell them, I guess.
4. No tag backs.

Now, I'm in a very rebellious mood today and decided to change the third rule a little bit.
Why? Well, I just don't know 11 blogger with less than 200 followers I suppose. I hope I won't be damned now or anything but that's just how it is.

First things first, stuff about me:

1. Although I write this blog in English, I come from Germany.
2. I speak four languages and am trying to master my fifth right now.
3. I could not draw a proper stickman for my life.
4. My brother and I have two "little" (lie!) bunnies.
5. I you'd let me, I'd spend my whole day with my nose in a book.
6. You must never let me go into either a bookstore or a drugstore alone. Never.
7. I know more about football than most guys I know.
8. I'm not able to cook without making the worst mess of my kitchen.
9. I study biology.
10. I'm not missing my time at school at all.
11. I can't stop buying hand cream.

Okay, so now let's move on to Sinead's questions. She kindly tagged me, thank you for that!

1. What moisturizer are you using right now?
The Biotherm Multi Recharge daily protective energetic moisturizer with pure ginseng extract
2. What is your favourite drugstore/highstreet make-up brand?
Drugstore: Catrice (I don't know if this is available in other countries than Germany), Highstreet: That's a tough one, probably YSL
3. Do you prefer to wear bright or dark nail varnish?

4. Which celebrities styles do you admire?
I don't think there is a particular celebrity whose style I like. Karen Gillan's perhaps.

5. What is your favourite store to shop in?
Douglas. This is the German beauty shop, it's literally everywhere.

6. If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Symphonic Metal. That is metal with heavy orchestra and choires.

7. shorts or dresses/skirts?

8. What is your everyday hair styling routine?
Ehm, brushing. I'm so rubbish at doing my hair that I just leave it. It would be futile anyway.

9. Would you rather have to wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
Winter clothes in summer. We seldomly have nice summers and it can get cold again so fast.

10. What would your dream career be?
Probably fighting for our environment and ensuring the ecosystems are not damaged by ruthless companies striving for money.

11. Where have you traveled to? and, where would you like to travel to in the future?
I've been to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Tunisia and Finland. There are so many places I want to see but the most important ones are Iceland, the UK (going there in the summer, yay!), and Norway.

That was that. My questions are:

1. What is your favourite season and why?
2. Are you a mountain or a sea person?
3. How tall are you?
4. What's the weirdest thing you've done to your hair?
5. Of which beauty product do you have the most?
6. Do you prefer online shopping or going to the actual stores?
7. If you could have any job for one day, which one would it be?
8. You won 1,000,000 €. What's the first thing you'd buy?
9. What languages do you speak?
10. Which chewing gum flavour is your favourite?
11. Chocolate or cookie?

And they are for:

And sadly, that's it. So many people I know and would have liked to tag are already tagged several times so I can't even get to half of the 11 people I should tag. 
Sorry for that. 
But this tag was fun anyways!


30 Day Snap #7 | Celebratory Mint

Hello everyone!

Today, my brother had the last test of his final exams, yay for him!
Although he didn't want to join us, my mum and I felt like celebrating this important day in his life and mixed some cocktails:

These are mojitos which are my favourite cocktails at the moment. I'm a total sucker for everything minty and limey and I just hate overly sweet drink. You see, mojitos are perfect for me.
As it was in the middle of the day, I added only a teeny tiny bit of rum, we wouldn't want to get excessive, wouldn't we? ;)

What did you do today? Leave me your link as a comment if you're taking part in the 30 Day Snap Challenge, too!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 Day Snap #6 | Sneaky Peaky

Hi guys!

It's already the 6th of June, oh my, time flies.
I've been productive today:

This is a little sneak peak into my Bag of Empty Prodcuts. Is that a cool name for a bag or what?
I filmed a few little videos for my youtube channel, and my little friends on the picture are the stars of one of them.
The rest of the day is scheduled to be spent outside tanning in the sun.

What's your picture today or what did you do? Leave a comment and tell me!
Oh and I'll love you forever if you check out my channel <3