Monday, June 17, 2013

30 Day Snap #17 | Wimbledon Wanna-Be

Hello everybody!

I know I've been whining about the bad weather forever. I'm also really glad the rain is gone. But 37°C is ridiculous.
And because it is ridiculous my mind came up with the downright brilliant idea to go to the tennis court in the burning sun. Thanks, brain!

Although I was really tempted to stay at home and lie on the cold stone floor, I grit my teeth and actually went there and it was fun. Tennis is always fun but I kind of lack motivation these days. Especially when it's so hot and humid outside.
They say tomorrow's gonna be even warmer!

Oh, if I'm not doing other posts than these or I'm not replying to all your lovely comments or anything this is because my computer is still broken, I can't borrow my mum's and I haven't ordered my new laptop yet. But I'll do and be able to communicate with you a lot better than right now.

What did you do today? As always, tell me, I'm excited for it!



  1. I would love to learn to play tennis. It seems like a wonderful sport and a great workout. My friends always tease me that I only want to play so I can wear the outfit though :)

    1. Haha, I actually hate the tennis outfits. I'm not much for wearing skirts while playing and stuff, I just love my comfy shorts and loose shirts.
      If you have a club nearby just visit and ask if you could try it. As far as I know it's a love-or-hate thing, there's no other way of finding out, I guess.

  2. Tennis is great! It's one of the only sports I can actually do... haha. Good times!

    Glad you had a good day :)

    Chlo |


    1. Me too! As much as I love football I'm rubbish at any sports involving balls other than tennis.

  3. You are crazy girl for play when it is that hot! I think I would have collapsed haha. At least you had fun though :) I am terrible at tennis but I love watching it on TV. And being a Scottish girl obviously I support Andy Murry even though he is playing terribly at the moment :(