Friday, November 1, 2013

My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

Hi, fellow beauties!

I just can't believe October is over and it's already November! Considering Germany this means the days of golden light and warm sunbeams are over and the cold, grey and wet side of autumn is kicking in. I love both sides of the seasonal medal equally but I'm a bit sad to see October go. But hey, winter and Christmas are drawing nearer and nearer, aren't they?

To celebrate we still have a month of autumn left, I wanted to share my favourite lipsticks with you. These actually aren't the ones I've worn the most but still the ones I like best of each colour range. So, enjoy!

Oh, yes, I'm talking about the lipsticks or swatches from left to right, as always.


Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter, Sorbet: 
Needless to say how amazing Revlon's lip butter are, I think there is no beauty fan in the whole wired world who hasn't heard people raving about them yet. The only thing I don't like about them is the shades they come in because most don't suit me. That's not the case for this little fellow. It has this gorgeous pink colour that reminds me of raspberries but still looks so natural and has a wonderful sheer finish. Being a lip butter it's also super comfy to wear and stays on quite long.

British Continental Trading (?): 
If you watch my youtube videos, you might know those kind of lipsticks. They were a birthday present by my parents and came in a box full of makeup of that brand or whatever it is. Unfortunately there is no name nowhere to be found and as such no colour name as well. I'm showing you this one mainly because I love it to death and I think there are similar colours out there. It's basically a bubblegum like pink with a slight blue shimmer that puts many off when they see the product not on the lips. But this shimmer just creates gorgeous effects in daylight and goes so well with the blueish hue that this pink has. Its consistency is very creamy and balm-like and it stays on pretty good.


Burberry Lip Mist, Stormy Pink: 
Besides this lipstick being by Burberry which makes me love it anyway, this is such a gorgeous colour. It has a deep and dark berry tones, very warm but not too warm that helps to complement a darker AMU without being too dark or strong to make me look over the top. It is a little bit drying though, I would recommend carrying a lip balm with you to put it under the lipstick before retouching.

IsaDora, Bare Berry: 
This colour looks more natural than Stormy Pink because it contains brown parts. It's very soft and long lasting and because it's looking so natural you don't immediately see it wearing off. Another bonus it that it's not particularly expensive, contrary to the Burberry one.


Astor Soft Sensations, 400: 
I used to wear this colour only in the winter time because it is a really warm orange hue but this I discovered I adore wearing this with my dark brown leather jacket. It is super easy to wear because although it has a great colour pay off it doesn't smudge easily or anything and is not too drying.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine, 16 Orange Impertinent: 
This orange is more of a coral colour than the Astor lipstick. Although it seems moisturising in the beginning, when touched up during the day it tends to dry the lips a little bit. It has a really strong smell that reminds me of aromatised tea, no idea if it's supposed to smell like that, and if you get headaches or something like that from scented products this might not be for you.


Burberry Lip Cover, Union Red: 
If you know me one single bit you might have guessed that this is my favourite. It just has everything, a beautiful red, is by Burberry and its name is a pun with something British. No surprise I had to buy this. And a good thing it was as this is my favourite red ever. It's opaque but with a glossy finish, not too drying and stays put for long. I absolutely adore it!

MAC, Russian Red: 
I think this may be one of the most famous lipsticks MAC has to offer and this has a reason. It's a wonderful dark and matte red. It does dry the lips out a little bit but not half as much as other matte lipsticks. Personally I love to put it on until it is worn off, which does take an eternity, and then put a lip balm over it because it really stains the lips. Wearing it like that also takes a bit of drama out of the look so if you're not comfortable with reds and a matte finish, this might be a way for you to come to terms with them.

Here you go, those were my favourite shades for autumn. Please do tell me in the comments what you're favourites are or link them to me if you made a post, I'm always eager to discover new gems. And to satisfy my lipstick addiction. Ahem.

Have a most wonderful day!