Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 Day Snap #20 | WW - Wellies on the Wall

Hey guys!

Oh my! It's already the 20th of June and I'm pretty positive some days just got stolen by someone. It can't just already be almost over, this whole month and project and stuff.

Today I went hunting for roses with my mum who goes a bit mental on this topic and I discovered those little beauties:

They were just hanging there looking pretty and I'd have loved to have them because I seem a little bit obsessed with wellies these days... But I have my blue ones and two pairs of rubber boots are somehow decadent.

Except when you actually need them, then it's not.

What did your day bring?



  1. Lovely blog x

  2. danke für dein lieben Kommentar :) Hab mich sehr gefreut <3