Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day Snap #10 | King Wellie

Hellooooo everyone!

Another week has begun and I have to admit: This was not one of the best monday I've had so far.
Do you know those days when everything you touch seems to go horrible wrong? Like, when you only have one choice, it's still the wrong one.
That was one of these days.

And to perfect this wonderful day, summer took another break and autumn's here again! As much as I love my wellies, I had actually hoped to bury these until at least Octobre. Didn't quite work out it seems.

If I didn't have this blog and take part in the 30 Day Challenge, my day would be beyond miserable but it always cheers me up to flip through all of your lovely pictures and hear your stories and comment on them. That's the part of the day I'm usually looking forward to the most so please leave me your links.

Love you all!



  1. Summer has not even arrived where I live! Just rain and wind! Hope the sun will start shining again soon.


  2. Come back summer we need you!!

    Rachel xxx

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