Friday, September 13, 2013

What's in my Travel Bag? - Skin Care Edition

Hi, fellow beauties!

I know, the time for being on holidays is drawing to a rapid end for most of us but still, seeing that I have been away from home quite a lot for the last two months I thought I would show you what made it into my travel bag.

These aren't the products I took with me to the Netherlands but the ones that flew with me to London. We only travelled with hand luggage which made it quite a hard time for me to decide what to take. I was literally devastated when I learned that lipsticks counted as fluids!

Another thing, I forgot to take the pictures when I left home (uuh, shame on me!) so I took them after returning from England. I'm sorry for some products being empty and the bad light!
Now, after that sermon, enjoy!

Face treatment, left to right:

Clarins, Cleansing Milk: My cleanser for in the mornings. Having oily to combination skin, it just won't do for me to not  properly clean my face before putting make up on. I didn't choose this because I particularly like this product, which I don't, but because I found a 100 mL version of it which could travel in my hand luggage. I'm afraid it is very likely this caused the major breakout I had in England.

Lancôme, Visionnaire Serum: This serum as well as the moisturiser I also took with me, I bought in a travel set and I was really intrigued to find this because I had a small sample of it in a magazine and I freaking loved what it did to my skin. As it is very very very expensive, I decided to first try this little version of it and I'm not sure I still like it as much as I did before. I can't see the effect it had earlier anymore somehow. It also really burns when it comes in contact with blemishes, that is in fact a bit worrying.

Clarins, Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser: This toner smells of peaches (most vital information first) and promises to remove all your make up without a trace and moisturise your skin in one step. It doesn't do the first at all and the latter to my contentment.

Clarins, Eye Revive Beauty Flash: My eye cream at the moment and one of the only representatives of my normal skin regime I could take with me. It promises to get rid of dark circles. I can't really spot a difference and although the moisturising effect is quite good, it's still not the one eye cream I am looking for.

Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish: The old classic. I use this cleanser regularly in the evening to get rid of my make up and as I can't buy the brand at home I always have to order online. The positive thing about that, they always send me travel kits with this tiny version of the cleanser and a mini cloth which I also took with me. That there in the picture is a regular one because the one I had with me was very dirty obviously I didn't want you to have to see that.

Lancôme, Génifique Cream: This moisturiser came with the serum in a travel set but I'm a bit confused that they aren't the same line which was what I would have expected. This line is actually for older skin but I quite liked it. It sinks into the skin pretty fast, has a lovely smell and a little bit goes a long way. Nothing I would buy though.

Body care:

Phyto, Ultra-repairing Mask: This hair mask promises to repair severely damaged hair and although my scalp doesn't tolerate the shampoos of this brand, I really enjoyed using this mask. It is rather thick but washes off easily. But after drying and brushing it I was surprised how thick and nourished my hair felt.

L'Oréal, EverRich Shampoo: Samples of this shampoo are basically in every magazine nowadays. This is already the second one I used and I also own a full size bottle because this product is so fabulous. I like it although it contains silicons but once in a while I just need something to smooth my hair down and give it a nice texture. What is the use of silicon free shampoos if I can't enjoy how my hair feels afterwards?

Toothbrush: Obviously, haha. I don't think there's much to say about this.

CD, Citrus Deo Roll-On: My current deodorant. I honestly don't like it but I'm not one to throw products away unless my I can't tolerate them. The fact that I bought a new one whilst in England tells you all you need to know, though!

Braces: These aren't braces in the classic sense, but I don't know what to call them. After graduating two years ago I started grinding my teeth during the night which got to the point of my whole jaw aching. Unfortunately I haven't stopped since so these are absolutely necessary.

Contact lenses and solution: Another pretty obvious thing, I believe.

Phyto 7, Hydrating Day Cream: This baby is a leave-in conditioner which I like to use if my hair is completely stressed out but I don't have the nerve to wash it. Another issue was that I wasn't sure how good the hair mask that I took with me was so I thought bringing something I know would be a good idea.

Brush: And the third obvious thing!

Lush Massage Bar, Each Peach: This is the massage bar I featured in one of my last videos. It's not my favourite body lotion in the world but the huge advantage of this product is that it doesn't count as a fluid and I didn't need to put it in the plastic bag, that's too small for my taste anyway. I didn't use it, however, because the body lotion at our hotel was really lovely.

These were to skin care products I took with me. I decided to split the post up in two parts as it would get rather long otherwise. So keep your eyes peeled for the second part of it which will be the make up that was allowed to come with me.

I will be putting up the second part next Tuesday, because I have decided only posting once a week is not often enough for my taste. I don't know if I will be able to keep up with it but I will try to stick to it as hard as I can even after Uni started.

Have a most splendid day!


  1. I love Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, definitely my favourite skin product ever. I have the Clarins water (it's the mint one for oily/combination skin) I find it just doesn't do its job at all - although I still use it to refresh my face once in awhile.X


    1. What, there is a mint one?? AND suited for my skin type? Sounds like I need to have it, haha :P The peach one isn't really a refreshing one, does yours refresh properly at least if nothing else?

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  3. I love collecting little samples and using them on holiday. They are so useful! Great post.
    Love from Jasmine @

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