Friday, September 27, 2013

August Favourites (laaaaaate!) and London Haul

Hi, my fellow beauties!

Haha, yeah, I know September is almost over and I do have my September Favourites ready but I realised this morning I haven't posted my August Favourites here! Shame on me!

Because I'm really on the hop right now, I wanted to share last months favourites and my monstrously gigantic London haul with you, in case you haven't seen them yet on youTube.


August Favourites:

Products I've mentioned:

Nivea Sun Protection & Refresh: You know me and my love of sun protection. This is a spray with a SPF 30 that you can use upside down, so protecting your back properly doesn't require someone else willing to rub your back which is pretty handy sometimes.

Catrice The Giant Mascara: My favourite non-waterproof mascara ever. It has a delicious smell, makes incredibly long and curled lashes and is pretty cheap as well!

Manhattan Professional Smokey Eyes Kit: A limited edition smokey eyes palette with rather natural and neutral shades. I have loved this palette to death (although it somehow disappeared...) and I'm super happy that I might have found a dupe for my favourite colour of it.

Astor Soft Sensation Lip Colour Butters: Lovely coloured lip balms, full review here.

Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Detox Mask: A self-heating detox mask that exfoliates the skin amazingly. I'm pretty short on this because there will be a review in the near future, so watch this spot. ;)

Orbit Balance Aloe Vera & Papaya: My favourite chewing gum ever! Surprised it's not mint? Yeah, me  too, but this is just too good. Fruity, but not too much and so refreshing!

Hay Day: Basically just your average iPad farming game, but I adore it! It is way too addictive, though.

London Haul:

I won't be giving you short reviews of everything I bought because I wasn't able to test everything as yet. You will just have to have a look, I suppose, haha.

That is it for today, guys. Pretty please, forgive me for forgetting to post my August favourites, I really do feel ashamed. But like I said, the September video is ready (though really short) and I will be posting it here in time this time.

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Have a most splendid day!


  1. Cute videos :) I love soap and glory stuff too x


    1. Thank you! Yes, they are amazing. I only knew their skin care but the make up is glorious as well, I think.