Friday, September 20, 2013

London Calling!

Hi, my fellow beauties!

I wanted to give you a few little snippets of my trip to London from the beginning of September. I had such a fabulous time in this great city, the weather was great and the people were all ever so friendly.
The moment I left the plane I had decided I wanted to live there, if not for a few semesters than perhaps for an internship or a proper job, we'll see that.

But for now, enjoy some of the pictures I took!

Dinner at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen. Believe me, that was the best steak I've eaten in my entire life.

The Birdkeeper's House in St. James Park. The picture above is also from there.

The obligatory picture with the phone box.

Visiting my hero's house in 221B Baker Street.

Look who I met! Only at Madame Tussaud's unfortunately...

Welcome to the Tower of London! And yeah, I know that is only the bridge. 

The view from St. Paul's Golden Gallery. Isn't it breathtaking? 
And from the lower Stone Gallery. I love the sky!

So these were just a few snippets of the pictures I took. Again, I can't say enough how deeply I've fallen in love with this city.
One picture is missing though: I had the chance to meet Andrea aka Rosy Chicc while I was there and I forgot to take a picture with her! We need to take one next time, love! 

Unnecessary to say, I will be back. And soon, hopefully. Until then, London!

So, where did you go for holiday this year? Did you do a blog post with pictures in there? Please, leave me your links, I'd love to have a look around!

Have a most splendid day!


  1. Ahhh I'm so glad that Sherlock Holmes is your hero too. He is MOST DEFINITELY mine too. Gahhh, yes. Despite the fact I live an hour away from London I've still never visited 221b Baker Street though. I did visit where they film it in 'Sherlock' though, and went in Speedys cafe and everything XD Glad you had such a good time!
    Love from Jasmine @

    1. You really need to go there! This house is just amazing, full of details and little twists that make you smile if you read the books and if you haven't there are so many signs to explain scenes and objects. It's like really stepping into 19th century London. My mum had to drag me out by the hair :P