Friday, December 20, 2013

First Impression Review: Urban Decay Naked 3

Hello, fellow beauties!

Christmas is almost here and the stress kicked in today and is in full swing at the moment. Nonetheless, I really wanted to tell you about one of the most exciting releases that 2013 had to offer which is of  course the Naked 3 palette of Urban Decay.
It only hit the stores this week so I don't have a in depth review for you but just my first impressions I gained over the few days I own this baby.

The theme of this palette is rose gold which is also the colour of the case and the writing. I think the rippled design of the lid is an absolute eye catcher!

As usual with the Naked palettes, there is a mixture of matte and shimmery colours, the shimmery ones being the majority. Here we have three matte colours, one light, one medium and one slightly darker. 
The colour pay off is great with the dark colours and good with the lighter ones. I think it's not as good as with the other palettes but still rather impressive. One thing I noticed though, is that many colours have a bit of a fall out, so take care how much you take on you brush or you will sparkle literally everywhere.

Strange: The first colour is a very light and sheer  champagne colour with a matte finish which is great as a base for all the other colours.

Dust: Dust is a wonderful rose gold which looks gorgeous on the lid. This has a major fall out, but it works when you carefully pad it on the lid with a flat brush.

Burnout: Another rose gold but a bit more bronze. It's shimmery as well but more subtle.

Limit: The second matte colour is a matte tulipwood. I think this would work really well with the Naked Basics palette.

Buzz: Yet another rose gold colour but with much more pink undertones than the other ones. The finish is somewhere between Dust and Burnout.

Trick: This is much like Burnout only even more bronze.

Nooner: The last matte eyeshadow. It's an almost taupey brown.

Liar: A metallic greyish brown. This really reminds me of the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On And On Bronze.

Factory: This is a golden, very warm brown which is great in combination with Nooner. All those colours in the last picture make a wonderful smokey eye by the way.

Mugshot: Mugshot is like Liar, only with less rose gold in it. This eyeshadow is lighter than Factory which is curious because usually the colours go darker.

Darkside: A rather cool brown with inly the tiniest bit of shimmer. I initially thought this was a matte one, but if you layer it you actually see the shimmer.

Blackheart: This is a curious one. A very dark brown with red milled shimmer, much like the shimmer in Chanel's Vendetta nail polish. When you look at it in the pen, it is much more red than it actually is. On the skin it is much darker and dramatic.

I really adore this palette! Although it is expensive at 45 €, the quality is amazing. I do think that it is a bit harder to handle than its predecessors, which is mainly due to the fall out of some colours, but it's still a great thing to invest in, especially if you want to experiment with rose gold colours but aren't too sure about them. There's not much rose in the second half of the palette so those of you who don't like rose gold have something to love here as well. My favourites so far are definitely Buzz, Liar and Blackheart and I'm really looking forward to rocking this palette during the festive days.

Hopefully you enjoyed this! Let me know what you think of this baby or if you're hoping for it to lie under your Christmas tree.

Have a great and sparkly rest of the day!


  1. I love rose gold everything, so I really want to buy myself this palette. The colors would likely be very good for my eyes and skin tone. Thanks for the post!

  2. Great post! You're making me want it more x

  3. Eeeeeeeee I can't believe you have it! I am so jealous! I will get this. I will. One. Day. Looks lovely. Thankyou for this.
    Jasmine /