Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent No.1: Best biscuits ever

Hey, fellow beauties!

Okay, sitting down to write this feels really weird. I've only been away for a month or so because my Uni courses were pure madness but to me it's like coming home from being away a much much longer time. Good to be back!

And what a coincidence (lie!), it's also the first of December. I do love December, it's the month where Christmas is and my birthday and New Year's Eve and it's winter and… you get me, right? 
This year the first of the month also happens to be the first Sunday in Advent. I don't know about all those of you who live in other countries than me, but the Sundays are a pretty big deal during advent in Germany, so I wanted to celebrate them a bit with you.
So, additionally to my usual uploads on Tuesday and Friday (hopefully I'll manage this time!), you'll get a Christmas-related post every Sunday until Christmas. Would you like that? (I'll do it anyways)

Let's begin!

Although I *really* should have been studying yesterday, it occurred to me that I hadn't baked anything so far. Not acceptable. 
So I whipped out my recipes and apron and started making my favourite christmas biscuits and while I threw flour round my kitchen - I'm a messy cook - I figured it would be cool to share that experience or at least the recipe with you.

First of all, you will need following things:

250 g flour
50 g sugar
1 pack of vanilla sugar
150 g butter
100 g marzipan (don't worry if you don't like it, no one in my family except me does and I have to make those biscuits for times every December…)
2 egg yolks
Funny stuff to decorate it all!

This is pretty easy: You need to take all ingredients except one yolk and the decor stuff, mix it all together and knead it all until it becomes a smooth dough. It's easier when the butter isn't too cold or too warm.
In the end, it should look something like this:

After that, you take your lovely lump of dough, put some cling film around it and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 min so it can relax a bit.
Once you've done that, take it out again, let it warm a bit so it's easier to work with and roll it out (flour on the surface and the dough helps a lot with the stickiness!) until it's about 3 mm broad. 
Now the fun part begins! Takes whatever biscuit cutters you like and start being creative.

Depending on how long your oven takes, you might want to pre-heat it now on 175C in air circulation mode (that probably was a grammar fail :P). 
While the oven is heating up, take the other egg yolk, spread it on the biscuits and sprinkle everything over it you want! If you like icing on top of them, I would recommend putting that on after they're baked, though.
Let them bake for 10 - 12 min and tada!

I told you I was messy, didn't I?

Just a quick advice I had to learn the hard way: Do let them cool, don't give in to the temptation!

And that's it for my favourite biscuits! If you re-create them, let me know, tweet me pictures, whatever you want! And if you did a post on your favourite recipes - links please! I always enjoy trying new stuff.

Good to be back! Have a woooonderful day!

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  1. Those biscuits looks sooooo good <3 Happy December±
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