Friday, October 4, 2013

TAG: Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

Hi, my fellow beauties!

Wow, the last weeks have been so busy! We had some late exams going on and my friend is celebrating her birthday which left me to organise everything and really, I didn't find the time to blog or read all your lovely blogs.
This is why this tag which I was tagged for by Jas a whole month ago is going up only now.
Jas, I'm sorry that it took me so long!


1. How many hours a week do you spend writing / editing posts?
That depends on how busy I am really. When I'm relaxed and not totally stressed out, I don't know, maybe three to four hours? When Uni is mad (as always) maybe one or so.

2. Are you a spender or saver?
When it comes to things I want, I'm a massive spender. Massive. When it comes to things I need, I'm a freaking miser, haha.

3. When is it easier for you to blog?
I don't have a particular time to blog. I have to be comfy and not in a rush, I love blogging alone in my room listening to music as well as sitting in the sitting room with the TV on.

4. What makes writing behind a computer comfortable for you?
I've never been uncomfortable with writing, no matter if it was physical or digital. I wrote my first stories when I was about seven years old. If you mean, what does it take to make me feel cosy enough to write something on my laptop, well, I have to be able to sit cross-legged on a soft surface, that is the most comfy position ever!

5. What is your worst make up / hair habit?
I'm super lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes. I always wait until all of them are so dirty that I don't want to use them anymore. Concerning my hair, probably that I'm not doing anything with it except the occasional pony tail. This is not out of laziness, however, but out of pure lack of skill and patience.

6. What is one quote you wish the world lived by?
'Do as you would be done by!' Really, if people thought about that, so much would be different here.

7. How long do you spend getting ready every day?
Depends as well. There are three scenarios. First, me staying at home all day, then it's about five minutes. Second, me going to Uni or something like that, then maybe around twenty minutes. Thirdly, me going somewhere fancy, like on a date or clubbing or something, then I do need about 45 min for a fancy make up.

8. Who's your favourite blogger?
I love bloggers that I can really interact with, so at the moment it must be Andrea from RosyChicc. She is the loveliest girl and I was lucky enough to meet her when I was in London. She is so adorable you need to go and have a look at her blog!

9. Who is a blogger that you think deserves more subscribers than they have?
Chlo from Chlo O'Donnell. She is another girl I met through blogging and I love her to pieces. She also does some wonderful music she is uploading on youTube, you should seriously go check her out!

10. What is one thing you are excited about in the upcoming year?
Finally finishing my undergraduate degree and being able to apply for a postgrad in London. I caaaan't wait!

11. What is you most awkward blogging moment?
I'm not sure this classifies as an 'awkward moment' but I was really nervous and it felt so weird to tell my friends that I started blogging and making videos and they (naturally) wanted to have the links.

12. How long does it take you to prepare a post?
Depends (again) on what kind of post it is. Finishing reviews, especially for books, takes me ages, tags or FotD posts don't take too long, about one hour or so.

13. Are you wearing trousers right now or jogging pants / PJ bottoms?
Busted! It's jogging pants. But only because I got up really late and will be heading off to town for my friend's birthday party in a few hours so why bother with dressing if I will change soon anyway?

14. What are you most proud of in life?
That's a tough question. Without sounding overconfident, I think I'm kinda proud of what kind of person I turned out to be. My parents did well with me and my brother, I like to think. Does that sound stupid?

So, these are my fourteen confessions, I hope you liked them!
I now want to tag:
1. Andrea (RosyChicc)
2. Sinead (SineadDreamingAgain)
3. Chlo (Chlo O'Donnell)
4. Marie-Louise (MLHauken)
5. Rachael-Victoria 

And of course, if anyone else reading this wants to do this tag, feel tagged as well!
Please, leave me a comment telling me if you'll do this tag and what some of your beauty confessions are, I'd love to hear!

Have a most splendid day!


  1. Love posts like this! It is such a pleasure to read :) Thank you for the post!

    xo Mel
    Anxiety | Depression | Panic Attacks

  2. I was just reading this post and didn't realise I was tagged! Yay thanks so much! I will do it soon :)