Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Catrice Defining Blush

Hi, my fellow beauties!

As much as I love rolling around in high end make up, we all know that there are very few people who can afford to buy Chanel, Dior and YSL exclusively. But that's no problem because if you know your stuff, there are real gems to be found on the high street and you can get good quality and amazing products with a low budget.

So, let's talk blushers, shall we?

The blushers I want to tell you about are by Catrice. You may or may not know that Catrice is one of my favourite high street brands ever. They are really cheap but their products are usually of a great quality.
They do my favourite mascara, my favourite nail polishes and their lipsticks are pretty amazing, too. And their blushers aren't to be scoffed at as well!

The Defining Blush comes in six different shades, at least since the range has been renewed and of the new shades I own two, same as of the old range. They cost 3,50 € which is round about 3 £ or 5 $. The pigmentation isn't as strong as it is with Sleek blushes for example, but still pretty decent. Using my  Real Techniques Blush Brush, one light swipe through it is totally enough to put a bit of healthy colour onto my cheeks. The blending is really easy as well, as long as you don't take too much product.
If that is the case, I can only advise you to powder over it and all will be fine again.

I will be reviewing the old blushes as well because the product ranges of high street brands change so fast and I wouldn't be surprised if they came back again or are still available in other countries.

First up are the two blushes of the old range. They contain two different colours that can be mixed or not, just to your liking. Another difference to the current design of the Defining Blushes is that they are really shimmery and glittery whereas the new ones are matte. 
When wearing those I usually don't go for a highlighter as well or maybe just a teeny tiny bit of YSL Touche Éclat, but that's absolutely not necessary because the blushes are shimmering enough on their own.

010 Raspberry Ice Cream:
The colours of this duo are really similar, although the contrast is strong in the picture. Both colours are a dusky pink, one slightly darker than the other. Both have peachy undertones and I love to wear it in the winter time when my skin is light. I generally think these colour would look so nice on girls with fair skin.


030 Pink Grapefruit Shake: 
This blush includes one darker, pink colour with slight brown undertones that actually reminds me of the flesh of pink grapefruits and a lighter colour which is a really light and pretty peach colour. This isn't a colour I would wear if I had very light skin, I think it might look a bit harsh, but if you haven'y got a particularly fair complexion, this is a winner!

Now, on to the new blushes! They look really bright in the pictures but although they are vibrant they are not as bright as they seem.

030 Love & Peach:
Have I mentioned that I love the way Catrice names their products? Believe me, the names of the nail polishes are hilarious! 
Anyways, Love & Peach is pretty much self explaining. It's a matte peach, though it's actually more pink than orange, don't let the pictures fool you. Although the colour might look a bit intimidating at first, once blended it's just super beautiful and looks so nice on slightly darker skin.

040 Think Pink:
Now that looks wicked! It's also very dark in the pan but if you put it on the cheeks it gives you a beautiful flushed look that is very natural. Just make sure you don't take too much because it's very pigmented and no one wants to look like a clown, right?

To put it all together, these blushes are amazing! As almost everything by Catrice, they are great quality on a budget and if you want to try out matte blushes or vibrant colours and don't want to invest right away, you should really give these a go. The pigmentation isn't otherworldly but still fine enough, the blending is decent and I'm pretty positive there is a colour for every skin type.

Have you tried the blushes by Catrice? What did you think of them? And what are your favourite pharmacy blushes?

Have a most splendid day!


  1. Wow the last to look very bright, you're brave for picking those up - I'm often a bit put off but then disappointed when a lighter colour doesn't have much or an payoff.


  2. The shades are gorgeous!! Love your blog


  3. great review :)