Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Hair Dye Story

Hi, my fellow beauties!

In light of recent events, that is me considering dyeing my hair, I thought I would make a pro-con list whether to do it or not. While I sat over it, all the different colours and styles that I coloured my hair in the past few years came to my mind and I decided I wanted to share my little hair dyeing story with you.

When I was a little kid, I loved my hair colour. It was a nice, golden honey-like blond and soft and everything you could want. But then, when I turned older, my hair started to get darker and darker until it was still a very dark blond but with a distinct muddy greyish hue.
To hide this, I started to highlight my hair with blond but it wasn't the best result:

When I got sick of my natural hair, I was about thirteen or fourteen, my teenage mind decided it wanted red hair. And not a nice natural ginger colour, no, it had to be a dark red, the colour of red wine really. Well, ahead I went and that was the result of the first colour change in my life:

I actually kept this for quite two years or so, sometimes going a shade darker or lighter, but pretty much the same. Then, with sixteen I think, I had the brilliant idea of doing something rock 'n' roll - as I thought at the time. I told my hairdresser to dye the top layer of my hair a really dark brown, almost black, and the rest a screaming red.
That actually looked pretty good just up until the first wash, then it turned pink. You need to know, at that point in my life pink was the worst you could do to me, I'm still not a huge fan in fact.
That is by the way the only picture that survived that time, sorry it's not so good.

Additionally to that hairstyle being very expensive because the red had to be redone so often, the constant bleaching almost killed the lengths of my hair, they had the worst feeling to them. So the next step was to repair them and get rid of the red.
I dyed my hair the same colour as the top layer so everything was almost black, but again with a slight red hue and it stayed that way for about two years again.

The turning point came when went to my hairdresser one day to have my roots redone. Because of my natural undertones my roots looked really grey against the dark red and I hated it to no end. No idea what was wrong with my hairdresser that day but she just couldn't get the right colour for my roots, they always turned out a way brighter red than the rest so I looked seriously injured. I sat there for more than five hours until she came up with something that didn't make me look like someone who should be in hospital.
That was the day when I decided I didn't want this anymore and wanted my natural hair back. You can imagine it took me ages, many visits at the salon and highlight (and accidentally turning full blond!) until I looked somewhat like this:

When that was gone, too, and I could see my natural hair colour again after over six years, I was really surprised at how dark my hair had become. It was now more brown than blond, with a slight blondish shimmer I could totally live with. The same had happened to my brother and my dad who both started out blond and are now blessed with beautiful almost black hair. My hair isn't turning black, though, but I think my grandmother's redhead genes are beginning to show, haha. Oh, the irony.

To enhance these nice red highlights that sometimes show in the light (I can't capture them with my camera, I tried!) and regarding the last remnants of artificial blond that are vanishing, I was thinking about dyeing my lengths red again, a natural one this time, to give me a slight ombre look.

So, that is everything I did to my hair in the last eight years. I definitely wouldn't do it again, my hair started to regain its former strength only this year. If you do want to colour it, please, think about it twice and think about what you are using to do it as well.

What do you think? Red ombre, yay or nay? Please let me know, I can't really decide if I want it!
Also, tell me, what is your hair dye story and did you find these old pictures as hilarious as I do?

Have a most splendid day!

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