Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Lush Lemony Flutter

Hi, fellow beauties!

Reading one of my favourite blogs the other day, which is But First, Coffee by the lovely Kallie, I came across a review of one of my favourite Lush products that I hadn't used in ages.
Her lovely post inspired me to dig my own one out again and I've fallen back in love with it in one instant.

Like all of Lush's products, Lemony Flutter contains only natural ingredients and you can be sure everything is fair trade and cruelty free. That's one thing I immensely enjoy about Lush, you can buy their products without any remorse because of their philosophy. And although everything is of such good quality, it's not an expensive brand. It's not the cheapest either but the products last very long and considering everything it's money very well spent.
Lemony Flutter itself lies at 6,50 £ or 10,45 €.

Now Lemony Flutter is hyped by almost all beauty gurus as a wonderful thing for the cuticles but I in fact purchased it for my feet. I tend to neglect them because I just don't see them as often as my hands for example, and get rough over time, so the lovely lady in the shop told me to try this cream as it works  miracles on every dry patch on your body, from cuticles over elbows down to your feet.

And it's true! I've only used it for a week now and my feet are so much nicer and softer. One of the main ingredients next to lemons is butter, this cream is very very rich and it takes quite a long time to fully absorb, so I usually put it on my feet just before I go to bed. 
The box is in fact standing on my bedside so I don't need to get up again. I really wouldn't recommend walking barefoot on anything but carpet when you used it, it's very easy to slip and fall. Don't hurt yourself!

Because mine sat unused in my closet for some time, the first few uses were a bit difficult as the top layer had gotten a bit dry. But after I had used up that one, it got really creamy and soft again. Blending it is really easy, it literally melts on your skin to give you an incredible level of moisture.

All in all, I can really and honestly recommend Lemony Flutter to you! If you're looking for something to treat the dry patches on your skin and also if you're just starting getting to know the brand and are a little bit overwhelmed with the vast amount of products they offer.
I quite remember the first time I crossed paths with Lush, I would have been happy if someone had given me a little 'best of'.

Speaking of it, would you be interested in something like that? My personal 'Best of Lush'? And have you tried Lemony Flutter yourself?

Have a splendid evening (or day, wherever you are and whenever you're reading this!)


  1. Love this! It's made me want to pop out and get it now. I'm gonna be getting snow fairy too.

    1. There's nothing that screams Christmas like Snow Fairy! :D Though I can only take it in very small doses, otherwise I'm tempted to eat it, haha

  2. I am such a HUGE fan of this product and have been for a while now! I find the smell is to die for and the texture so smooth and soft!
    great review!


  3. I had really dry hands at the beginning of the year and the girl in lush suggested mixing this with one of their sea salt scrubs, to make a hand scrub. I did and used it twice a week for just over a week and my hands were SO soft. Think I may need to buy another tub. Great post :)


    Stacey x

  4. I love anything to do with lush. Ive never actually seen this product before but it sounds really great. Thanks for sharing x


  5. I've heard so many good things about Lush's Lemony Flutter but have yet to try it! Next time I get some extra cash in my pocket I'm going to try it out :)

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish