Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunbathing like a Boss, Part 1: Sun Creams

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to tell you about one of the most important products you should use in summertime, the  sun cream.
Being a biology student with a knowledge of genetics, I get a bit paranoid when it comes to UV rays and what they can do to your DNA. The chances of your body's repair mechanism missing out on a damage that could possibly cause skin cancer in the end, aren't too high but the proper mechanisms are rather complex and you never know what could happen.

Firstly, what should you look for in a sun cream?

Protection against UV-A and UV-B rays: The UV rays are distinguished in those of type A, which has the longer wave length and causes the skin to age more quickly, and of type B that is one of the main sources of skin cancer. A good sun cream should protect you against both but make sure it is said on the packaging that it does and if it doesn't ask someone in the shop. This is important, ladies.

SPF: The sun protection factor elongates the time you can stay in the sun without burning your skin. There are different types of skin and each type has a different ability to protect itself. If you have red hair and really fair skin for example, that time is limited to about 5 - 10 min per day before you should move into the shadows. Using a sun cream with SPF 20 you could stay in the sun 10 * 20 min but that you shouldn't do really. You should actually move out of the sun after two thirds of the time to give your skin a break. You also should avoid the sun around midday as it is the most aggressive then.

Also, a lot of people are convinced the SPF in their sun protection products lose their strength after a year but that's not entirely true. When the bottle is quite empty and there is rather a lot of oxygen reacting with the products that may be the case but believe me, you would smell that. If it still smells and looks okay you can continue using it.

There are a lot more things to mind and do to protect yourself but that is something for another post.
Now on to the products!

Lancaster Sun Beauty Velvet Milk Sublime Tan:
Let's start off with my favourite! This sun cream by Lancaster has a SPF 30 and filters for UVA, UVB and infrared rays which are believed to have a great share in the ageing of our skin. The infrared filter has small particles in them that reflect the rays and it basically makes you glitter in the sunlight. It's not so bad that I felt like a vampire because it is very subtle but still it is there.
The smell of this product is another thing that should be mentioned. To me it just smells like sun cream does but I've got so many compliments on its smell while wearing this and Lancaster even has a patent on it. It seems it doesn't smell like any other sun cream after all, have a smell yourselves!
Although Lancaster is one of the most expensive brands on the sun product market, this is the sun cream I reach for most. I find it nourishes my skin whilst protecting it, it is slightly cooling and it's not sticky at all, at least to me, I'm not too sensitive on that part.
What I really hate about this is that there are no bigger sizes than 175 mL which I find stupid because I don't like repurchasing sun cream during the summer. I'd be super glad if they did a 500 mL bottle!

Nivea Sun Pflegende Sonnenmilch:
This sun milk has a SPF 50+ which is the highest you can get as far as I know and protects from UVA and UVB. It also is waterproof but this doesn't mean that it really is waterproof in the common sense but that after bathing more than 50 % of the product is still on your body.
It is not too expensive and really good for sensitive skin, that's a bonus all Nivea products have. My mother has the most sensitive skin which is why we have so many Nivea products around, just in case you're wondering looking at the next pictures.
This cream is really sticky after applying though so it might not be to everyone's liking.

Nivea Sonnenmilch für Kinder:
This is basically the same as the above one but specially designed for children. It again has a SPF 50+ and UVA/UVB protection and is waterproof. I like children's sun care products because they tend to sink into the skin faster and are less sticky because no child would want to wait for his sun cream to sink in instead of running around and throwing themselves into the sea.

Nivea Pflegendes Sun-Spray:
This is, again, a variation of the first Nivea product but it's not a cream this time but a spray. I like my cream for the first application in the morning but on the go I much prefer sun sprays because they are lighter and don't make as much mess as creams do. This again is quite sticky.

Nivea Sun Light Feeling Transparent Spray:

Another spray I like to use is this one. It has a SPF 20 and is waterproof and non-greasy. I like using this when I already have a tan and know I won't be outside for too long. For example between two classes when we have about one hour to relax and sit outside. Due to its kind of oily looking formula and non-greasing effect it is perfect for on-the-go protection but is has a funny smell of spices which might not be to everyone's liking. I find it bearable but I prefer my Lancaster sun cream smell, haha.

What I do additionally to protecting my face is using moisturisers and foundations with an included SPF. Knowing I will be out only for an hour or so while getting to Uni for example I just can't be bothered with sun cream and I think these are a good way to give at least a minimum protection to your face. What I don't have is an eye cream with SPF but that's not because I find it unnecessary but because I haven't found one that suits me, yet. If you have any recommendations, please tell me!

I hope you liked this post and found it informative. I can forget myself over sun protection so I'd love to hear what your favourite products are!
And keep your eyes open for the second and third part of this post in which I will be talking about additional sun care for your face and after-sun care and other things you should be aware of in the sun!

Have the most splendid day!



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