Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Top 3 Crime Authors

Hi guys!

Reading is a big issue with me in the summertime. Okay, actually throughout the year but it's summer now so we'll only talk about that.
I'm a general lover of crime novels but I prefer them when it's hot outside just as I prefer fantasy in the winter. I've read so much of both that I started to get very picky and demanding when it comes to those genres so I thought why not share my three most favourite crime authors with you?

I'll just be telling you my favourite authors instead of doing a proper Top 3 because how much I like one in particular depends on my mood and that can change pretty fast.

Simon Beckett:
He is an English author and probably most famous for his books about David Hunter, a forensic anthropologist assisting the police in various cases. As he is the narrator of the stories, everything and especially the parts concerning his work are on a scientific base but not in too complicated a fashion. I really enjoyed reading his books, the first of his series being Chemistry of Death, because they are easy and fast to read and so thrilling! My personal favourite is the second one, Written in Bone.
There are non-Hunter books by Simon Beckett as well, but they are not crime books but thrillers. They're really enjoyable as well, though!

Jussi Adler-Olsen:
This gentleman comes from Denmark and this is where his books about policeman Carl Mørck take place as well. In the first book, Mercy, Carl returns to his job after living through a terribly gone wrong investigation in which one of his friends got killed. He is signed to work up old cases that couldn't be solved earlier and this is where all the books start off.
What I like about this detective is that although he has serious private problems, he isn't too negative about his life and it's still the investigation that is the centre of the action.

Agatha Christie:
Is there much I have to tell you about the Grande Dame of crime? Her works, especially Miss Marple but Hercule Poirot as well, are a staple read in the summer time with me. Some years ago when my family and I went to Greece I had a lot of books from the library with me and most of them were coincidentally Miss Marple stories. So I spent almost all the time lying by the pool getting sucked into the England of the first half of the 20th century. A must-read for everyone who loves crime stories!

What kind of books do you like to read in the summertime? Please, please tell me, I'm always so eager for more books of every kind!
Also, please tell me if you like my book related posts as I personally would like to do them on a weekly base because my passion for the written word is just as great as my love for make up.

Have a splendid day!



  1. I really wan tot read a crime book, I've never before but it always seems really interesting! This is actually really helpful,never knew what to look for before! haha
    Right now I'm starting the noughts and crosses series, it's good so far, and I would recommend if you've not read them :) xxx

  2. Glad you found it helpful! Crime books are my favourites to read because although my heart beats for fantasy it can be quite heavy, crime novels I eat for breakfast like my mum always says, haha.
    Okay, good, I'll have a look at those!