Friday, August 9, 2013

TAG: My First Time

Hello, my fellow beauties!

Wow, this has been a long time that I have been absent from my blog, I'm honestly so sorry for that. The last weeks of Uni were totally hectic but now I'm on holiday at my parents' place in the Netherlands and have plenty of time between sightseeing and stuff to write down and film the things I have planned.

For today, my friend Sinead kindly tagged me in the "My First Time" tag that was initially invented by Sprinkle of Glitter on her YouTube channel. It is not about some juicy secrets that we all keep to ourselves but of simple things we did for the first time in our lives, but you will see for yourselves.

I actually find the idea of doing a tag post to come back into a regular blogging rhythm really good which is why it won against my Sunbathing Part 2 post, I'm still working on the fineries of that one. I just want to present the very best to my beloved readers!

So, without  much further ado, these are the rules:

  1. Give the stories of the following first times.
  2. Tag 10 other bloggers (as always, I'll try to fulfil the 10)
  3. No tags back!

Here we go!

First Best Friend
Although I can't remember too much of that time, before we moved to the town we live in now, I was pretty close with our neighbour's daughter. I was five when we moved away and the contact totally died but I'd really like to now what happened to her.
My first real 'self-declared' best friend was the first girl whose name I caught on my first day of kindergarten. We were like sisters throughout kindergarten and primary school but then we went to different grammar schools and broke apart. I met her recently and we literally had nothing to talk about, which is pretty sad but we both have moved on.

First Kiss
Well, this depends on how you define a kiss. If 'first kiss' includes a peck on the lips, it was with a boy in primary school who shined on me. If it means first real kiss with me actually knowing what I was doing it was with my first boyfriend after a we watched all Pirates of the Caribbean movies in one night.

First Concert
I went to my first concert with about 13 or 14 with my mum and a friend, I still have no idea why she came along as it wasn't her cup of tea at all. The band was Vanilla Ninja (oh, the name!), an Estonian girl rock/pop band. Thinking about it now, they were really kind of awful and split up a few years later I believe. But I loved them to death, I even had a folder where I kept every single bit I found in magazines about them.

First Celebrity Crush
I just can't remember that. This may be because I got into celebs rather late and think my first celebrity crush isn't the first at all but what I definitely know is my first anime crush and I had a lot of those, haha. It was Shinichi from Detective Conan (or Case Closed, as it is called in English I believe). To be honest, I'm still a huge fan today, of the series as well as of that particular character.

First Word
I asked my mum and she told me it was 'Mama', which is, in case you don't know, like 'Mum' in German. That's pretty natural for me I guess, I always was and always will be so close to my mother as is possible really.

First Pet
Hm, not sure if that really counts but a colleague of my father gave him a goldfish once at work as a birthday gift. He brought it home in a plastic bag and I named him Mr. Fish and put him in our little garden pond. He died though because that was just not the right place for him to live. My first proper pet was a black bunny with a white nose called Tia (after Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean). I got her as a little bunny-baby and raised her but sadly she got a tumour in her stomach and had to be put down. :(

First Job
I'm yet to get one! Aside from having very little time right now, I'm fortunately in a position that allows me to live at home and study at the same time. Studying is not as expensive as it is elsewhere because our tuition fees have been abolished a few months ago, at least in Bavaria where I live, in other parts of Germany they were abandoned years ago. Also, my parents and grandparents luckily have enough money and kindly support me. I don't want to show off guys, that's just how it is, please don't take me wrong!

First Phone
Oh my, what kind of phone was that? I think it was by Siemens and originally belonged to my mother who gave it to me when I entered grammar school. My school was in town and there was hardly a bus connection to our village so the phone was given to me to be able to reach her in case I missed my bus home. I don't remember much but its case had sea animals on it, that's about all.

First Tweet
Let me look that up. Okay, apparently it was "Finally on the train. Time to get warm again!". I remember this, it was on my way to Uni and the week had actually been very hot so far so I only wore a very thin jacket and the wind that morning was so. very. cold. Brrr, still shivering at the memory!

First Make-Up
Haha, okay, NO idea! The transition between me using my mum's make-up and me using my own was very fluent. Probably some mascara, though.

Wow, that's it! On to the people I tag:

  1. Rachael from Rachael Victoria
  2. Andrea from RosyChicc
  3. Holly from Touch of Crimson
  4. Chlo from Chlo O'Donnell
  5. Michelle from Mash Elle

Again, I can't make the full 10 bloggers, but I got 50 % that's better than the last time. If you are one of the girls I tagged, please let me know in the comments if you've decided to do this tag.
If you're not, let me know if you liked it and what some of your first times are!



  1. hahah i love that your first kiss was after watching all the pirates of the carribean movies. 7 hours of orlando bloom and johnny depp face time can do that to a gal ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Haha, it can for sure! They are some fine chaps :P

  2. This was a really cool tag! It kind of lets people see into the cute silly firsts things that you do which is always sweet! Your blog is so pretty and cute by the way! You deserve waaay more followers :)

    Check out my blog too :3 - Regarding Evie

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :)

  3. I just tagged you in a post :)

    Stacey xo

  4. Your blogs are a inspiration and I have just started doing blogs so would it be ok if you could give mine a quick look and maybe subscribe

    1. Thank you! Sure, I'll have a look. At your YT channel as well, I love checking out new ones ;)