Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Books and books and more books - My Summer Reading List

Hi guys!

There are only four weeks left until my semester is done and I'm finally free to lounge away my leisure time in the sun that is finally back again.
As I'm a massive reader and lover of books, I thought I'd share my to-do reading list with you.

Here we go!

Note: There are some books I can't read straightly because I'd be talking in sonnets then and this is why I'm reading little pieces and snippets at different times, they are marked with a *. 

* William Shakespeare - The Complete Works: Unfortunately Master Shakespeare was no big topic for us while I was in school and we only read snippets of one play so I decided to take a turn on him myself as I'm a huge lover of poetry and there basically is no poet as great as Shakespeare.

* Grimms Märchen: Do I have to say anything about the stories of Brothers Grimm? My neighbour who I viewed as my vice grandma (my grandma lived in another country back then) always read them to me and they are a classic.

* Douglas Adams - The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Adventures of Englishman Arthur Dent while travelling through space with his alien friends told in Douglas Adam's hilarious fashion. It is so funny and sometimes so obviously illogical I wanted to throw the book into a corner and forget about it but well, I've been hooked for a long time.

* Edgar Allan Poe - The Complete Works: This goes the same way as Shakespeare and I absolutely love Poe's dark and gloomy way of telling stories.

 J. R. R. Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings: My favourites book ever and ever and ever. This is a re-read and I kind of lost track of how often I have read this. I think the story is known, do I have to tell you more?

* J.R. R. Tolkien - The Complete History of Middle Earth I - III: I treated myself to the anthology of all the stories and history of Middle Earth last winter when I turned 21 and I hadn't had a chance since then to get my nose into those books. I'm so excited!

Peter V. Brett - The Daylight War: This is the third instalment of the Demon Cycle series which takes place in a world where demons prowl the night killing everyone who ventures outside the protecting wards. However, there is a mysterious figure called the Painted Man who is said to be able to kill demons with his bare hands. I'm reading competitively at the moment and my friend had a good head start because I had to finish another book first, let's see if I can overtake her!

Suzanne Collins -  The Hunger Games: Okay, well, this is no re-read. I've wanted to read this series for so so long, long before it became famous and I'm a bit angry at myself for not having been able to read it four years ago. Well, I'm starting now, anyway!

Joe Abercrombie - Best Served Cold: A story about a mercenary who is thirsting for revenge on the one who did her wrong while a bloody war is taking place in her own country. At least that's what I understand it to be, we'll see. I loved every book by this author so far, if you're interested I did a review on one of his books here.

George R. R. Martin - Clash of Kings / Storm of Swords: Same thing here as with The Hunger Games. I've read A Games of Thrones already and I loved it so much! Before you ask, no, I haven't seen the series yet but I will, I just want to read the books first.

Those are some nostalgic books I read and was read as a child, I don't know whether they are available in other languages than German. They look so battered by the way because they are actually my dad's (sorry for nicking them!).

James Krüss - Der Leuchtturm auf den  Hummerklippen: This is a story about a man living in a light house in the middle of the sea and all of his friends that visit him. Everyone tells a story when they are there so this book is basically a collection of small super sweet stories and poems.

Ottfried Preußler - Der Räuber Hotzenplotz: Oh, such a classic and beloved book! A robber is stealing Grandma's coffee mill and her grandson and his friend head out to get it back, getting into loads of trouble.

Ottfried Preußler - Die kleine Hexe: A little witch striving to be good and friendly whereas this is no behaviour for a proper witch and she has to decide between being accepted or doing what her heart tells her.

These are all (of my) books I want to read in the upcoming weeks and months. It seems quite a lot but not considering those I won't read in a straight way I know I could actually do it.
If my mother didn't have this most amazing bookshelf with so many books I wanted to read for years and years on end. I'll probably grab a few of hers so I won't be able to finish all of mine and I''m sure I'm going to buy new ones as well. I wonder if I'll ever be able to finish of my stack of unread books...

If you have recommendations for me or want to know something about the books I showed you or a review, feel free to tell me! I love talking about books as much as I love talking about beauty so please tell me if you'd like to see more literature-related posts.

Have nice day!


  1. Oh wow! Lol, my summer reading list looks pathetic compared to yours! I loved watching LOTR but never sat down and read the book, I think I might get a copy since the original books almost always turns out better then the movies :)
    Have you read Delirium by Lauren Oliver?

    xoxo -B ♡ http://msberrystylish.blogspot.com/

    1. Don't make the mistake of comparing film and book, to me they are in no way similar. i know few who actually like both, but do read the book, everyone should at least try I guess ;)

      No, I haven't, what's it about?

  2. That is some summer reading list, haha! You've got amazing taste. I'm so jealous of the LOTR history anthology! Are you thinking of doing some book reviews on this blog? I'd love to hear what you think of aaaaaall those. Enjoy the Hunger Games series, it's one of my faves :)

    Sam xxx


    1. I actually do, I'll try to do a review of all the English books I have on my list though I have to wait until next week until my exams are finished to really get into a reading rhythm.
      I'm so excited for the Hunger Games, can't wait to start it <3