Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunbathing like a Boss, Part 3: After-Sun Care

Hi fellow beauties!

Today's post is about what you should take care of doing after a day spent in the sun / on the beach / a few hours of sunbathing.

The sun deprives your skin of much of its moisture in any way and if you by any chance caught a sunburn, moisturising afterwards is even more important. There are special after-sun lotions out there that are designed to return a maximum of moisture to the skin, cool it after the continued heating in the sun and prolonging/intensifying your tan.
They normally contain cooling and soothing components such as aloe vera or mint but to make them work properly it is most important to get rid of every bit of sun cream that is left on your body. Simply washing it off isn't sufficient because waterproof or not, a small percentage will remain on the skin.
I usually use either a body peeling with moisturising effects or a peeling glove. Either is fine it depends on your mood and preferences.
Also I don't wash my hair every time I lay in the sun because that is way too much effort for me especially if I know that I will do the same the next day. I simply get it wet and put a bit of conditioner in there whilst in the shower and some nourishing leave-in conditioners or hair oils afterwards.

These are the basics I do every single time before using after-sun products. I don't own as many as I do sun creams but that's because I'm rather content with the ones I already have and they really go a long long way.

Nivea Sun Pflegende Apres Lotion: This is the lotion I find myself reaching for most often these last weeks. Its smell is fantastic, I can't define it but it basically smells like a really expensive and luxurious cream. It applies beautifully and lightly and a small amount goes such a long way which is why I'm not sure I'll ever be able to finish this bottle. The aloe vera in it helps to cool and soothe the strained skin but I'm not positive about it enhancing the tan. It isn't explicitly said on the bottle but I was told that is actually a basic feature of an apres lotion, may that be true or not.

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun: This lotion basically claims to do the same things as the above one plus moisturising the skin for 24 hours. Well, I think we all know it won't do that. But it does cool the skin and nourishes it, especially if you got your skin burned. It also contains aloe vera and has quite a pleasant smell. I really love that it comes in a 400 mL bottle so you can use it excessively without it getting empty too fast.

Lancaster Tan Maximizer: Lancaster's Tan Maximizer is one of the products that flooded our perfumeries (do you call high end beauty stores that? I can't seem to find out!) this summer. I've seen it everywhere and managed to get my hands on this sample. It basically promises to enhance your tan even more than regular after-sun products but only if you use it daily for at least two weeks. I haven't done that because the weather wasn't stable enough or it was simply too hot to even go outside so I can't report on this fact. Apart from that it is a pretty ordinary after sun lotion and I wouldn't choose it over the above ones. But maybe the tan enhancing complex is totally amazing and I have missed out on the product of my life? Tell me if you tried this!

So that was it for my Sunbathing like a Boss-Series! If you have missed out on Part 1 and 2 you can find them here and here.

Please tell me, if you liked those longer posts and found them helpful. For my part, I really enjoyed writing them because we all like to tan and it's so super important to protect yourself. Also, please tell me what your favourite products and sun bathing tips are, I'd love to hear them!

Have a splendid day!

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